Tonight’s Featured Event – NAPALM 2.0!

Tonight if you love Electronic Dance Music (EDM) you have to get to the Upstairs Lounge for Napalm 2.0. It’s the showcase of local EDM Artists T.Lectual (Tony Bove) & Summer (Brendon Collins) who are celebrating the recent release of their EP “Dark Horse” on Mirabilis Records. The EP Features the original mix of “Dark Horse” and two remixes by Daniel Mehes and Pete Mccarthey. This will be a great night to dance along to some great LOCALLY produced music and the “take all comers” (read low pretense) attitude of the Upstairs Lounge is the perfect venue. In addition there will be Turbo Sound which is definitely the way to hear EDM. For all the event information please CLICK HERE.

Take a listen to “Dark Horse” and please support T.Lectual & Summer by buying their release on Beatport, CLICK HERE.