The Pixies “Where Is My Mind” (Bassnectar Remix)

Some of you reading the title to today’s blog might be a little mystified… “Huh?” “The Pixies?” YES indeed this song is a favorite of mine from a long time ago and it’s funny how listening to it now you can kind of hear where some of today’s Alt. rock bands got some of their musical ideas (Kings of Leon “Use Somebody” perhaps?), anyway I digress…

Bassnector is someone who I have been following for a while now,  I say someone because it is basically the project of one guy, musician Lorin Ashton.  His music is hard to categorize and I bet you he would have it no other way.  However if I had to try to describe it I would say that Ashton is definitely on to something.  His mix of funky lo fi beats are driven by hard charging bass lines reminiscent of hip hop.  On top of those beats is something decidedly different, a mix of electronic growls, noise, and vocal bits.  As an introduction to his music I think this Pixies remix is perfect.   You hear how he pays respect to the original but then lays his own style over it.

Bassnectar is the outsider on the Electronic music scene and if you read his hilarious WMC tweets you get the feeling he likes it that way.  Keep your eyes on this one because there is going to be way more to come.  Check out the track and if you like it you can download it for free from his website with the link below.