Treasure Fingers & Malente “Au Revue”

Well some of you might be wondering why it’s taken so long for Atlanta’s Treasure Fingers to find his way into this blog. While there is no excuse, we hope that today’s Song of the Day will help make up for our glaring omission. The track “Au Revue” is from the recently released “Crusaders EP”, which is a collaboration with No Brainer Records head Malente and is a two song disco / house tour de force. Now by highlighting “Au Revue” we’re not trying to say that the title track (and mildly amusing Official Video linked below ) “Crusaders” is filler, oh no. In fact we recommend just adding the entire “Crusaders EP” to your playlist so take a listen and let us know what you think.

Crusaders – Single – Treasure Fingers & Malente
Crusaders - Single - Treasure Fingers & Malente