Thievery Corporation “Culture of Fear”

Today’s Song of the Day is the title track from Thievery Corporation’s new album “Culture of Fear”. This is the seventh album from the Washington D.C. duo of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton. The two have been making music since 1995 under their Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label and have remixed many popular artists including Bebel Gilberto, The Doors, and Sarah McLachlan to name a few. “Culture of Fear” has mild political overtones as guest rapper Mr. Lif ponders life after 9/11 over an uptempo Thievery Corporation beat (heavy on swing with lots of percussive instruments). While the duo has made political statements before (check out the classics “Amerimacka”, and “Richest Man in Babylon”) they are mostly known for their mellow lounge sound which the album “Culture of Fear” has in abundance.

Take a listen to the song and check out the rest of the album. Your comments are always welcome.

Culture of Fear – Thievery Corporation
Culture of Fear - Thievery Corporation

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