Simian Mobile Disco “I Waited For You”

Well folks here we are, we have finally seen Electronic Dance Music emerge as one of the dominate genres of music today. With the new found success we have also seen some nasty afterbirth appear. A great blog post written by another old timer like myself Sean Ray (you can find it HERE) explains well why some are saying that with new popularity EDM may be on the decline. I suggest that you all read that blog post and leave a comment here or there because the conversation needs to be had.

Outside of all of the hysteria today’s Song of the Day reassures me that there are artists who are going to buck the trend of “selling out” by going the other way and taking more risks with new sounds. London duo Simian Mobile Disco exemplified this with their recently released third album “Unpatterns”. The lead single off the album “I Waited For You” is airy vocals and pulsing bass lines. Take a listen then add it and the entire album to your playlist by clicking the iTunes link below.

I Waited for You - Unpatterns (Bonus Track Version)
I Waited for You – Unpatterns (Bonus Track Version)