SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon “Wildfire”

I am often asked where do I get the ideas for the music featured in the Song of the Day. Well obviously I love music and I listen to almost everything (don’t be surprised to find a classical piece or country song here some day). However I can also be guilty of keeping some of my favorite music a secret and today’s Song of the Day by SBTRKT is one of the secrets that I just can’t hold on to any longer.

SBTRKT is the brainchild of British Producer/DJ Aaron Jerome and his extremely ambitious self-titled debut album is an amazing collection of songs that are hard to categorize. The song “Wildfire” is a collaboration with the Swedish group Little Dragon whose lead singer Yukimi Nagano vocals lay over the bubbling bass line oh so nicely. Nagano’s vocals are like a mix of Bjork and Kelli Dayton of the Sneaker Pimps… Pouty with surprising moments of soulfulness. Please take a listen to the song and consider adding the entire album to your collection. You won’t regret it.

One Note: I absolutely think this song is an amazing find and apparently so does Drake. He released a bootleg with him rapping over the track a few months ago. You can take a listen HERE.


SBTRKT is also available on