Mord Fustang “Lick The Rainbow”

You know, 2011 is going to go down as the year a new generation of Electronic Dance Music talent arose to the surface. We have featured many of these freshmen in this very blog including Zedd, Mustard Pimp, and Arty. Now it’s time for me to share with you my favorite of the new recruits, Mord Fustang. Mord Fustang is a 20 year old Producer/DJ hailing from Estonia (go figure?) and he has quickly moved up the ranks with several high profile releases on the Plasmapool label ( check out his Soundcloud account HERE). He popped on to my radar when I heard a preview of “Lick The Rainbow” a few months ago. I was immediately struck with how easily he merged Electro House with Dubstep in a way that keep the aggressiveness and dance-ability of both genres intact. This is the sound of NOW to be certain and Mord Fustang has tapped into it almost effortlessly. Take a listen to the track and add it to your playlist today, thanks for reading!

Lick The Rainbow – Single – Mord Fustang
Lick The Rainbow - Single - Mord Fustang