Martin Solveig “The Night Out” (Madeon Remix)

There is a raging war going in some corners of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) world between those for and against the recent pop music invasion of the genre. There are some old timers (I say affectionately) who feel as though too many of the more established names are all too ready to lend their names and sound to pop icons who may or may not care about the Dance Music scene or culture. There are a couple of names the really draw a lot of fire and ironically they are both French. David Guetta and Martin Solveig (to a lessor degree) are being held up as the posters boys for being EDM’s most flagrant sell-outs. While I am not sure that’s an entirely fair accusation it is true that the two Frenchmen have produced probably some of the most pop-like catchy tunes on the radio these days. Today’s Song of the Day is the perfect example of that. “The Night Out” is earworm inducing with it’s catchy hook and pop swagger. This remix by Madeon just turns up the fun meter by a magnitude of 10 and who doesn’t like a bit of fun?

Take a listen to the song and of course if you like it follow the iTunes link below.

The Night Out (Madeon Remix) - The Night Out
The Night Out (Madeon Remix) – The Night Out