M.I.A. “Bad Girls”

How do you describe the genre bending sound of British rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer M.I.A.? Stoner hip hop? Psychedelic beat? Perhaps in the generic sense simply electronica. However you try to categorize it M.I.A. has captured the sound of now and while that may seem a bit familiar to some (remember De La Soul?) this is definitely a new formulation. I can already hear an adventurous DJ or two dropping “Bad Girls” into their set, hell the song is dance floor ready so expect to be sweating to this one on your next girl’s night out. “Bad Girls” is the first official single from M.I.A.’s fourth studio album set to be released this summer. Take a listen and add it to your playlist by clicking the iTunes link below.

Bad Girls – Single – M.I.A.
Bad Girls - Single - M.I.A.