Kat Deluna “Drop It Low”

It’s Friday therefore it’s time to have a little fun and today’s Song of the Day “Drop it Low” is just that! The song is by Kathleen “Kat” Emperatriz DeLuna (Kat Deluna) who burst on the scene in 2007 with her debut single “Whine Up” which was a MONSTER HIT, everywhere but the United States. Deluna has reached such popularity in Latin America and Europe with such rabid fans that they caused a minor dust up between DeLuna and J.Lo. After Jennifer Lopez released her single “On the Floor” earlier this year Deluna fans screamed that she plagiarized Deluna’s 2010 single “Party O’Clock”. J.Lo and her reps deny any plagiarism… Hmmm… What do you all think?

Anyway enjoy the song and have a great weekend! If you like the song BUY IT! Catch you all Monday!

Drop It Low – Single – Kat DeLuna
Drop It Low - Single - Kat DeLuna