Gramophonedzie “Why Don’t You”

Today’s song is a treat not only because the song is great but the video is also really fun. “Why Don’ t You” is a mega hit by Gramophonedzie AKA Marko Milicevic and you can proudly tell your friends your heard it here first! Milicevic has been DJing for about 15 years now and while he has had some impressive sets, “Why Don’t You” has clearly been his big breakout hit. The song samples an old swing track that has been resurrected as a result of this hit, becoming a wildly popular Karaoke tune. Check it out and if you like it, click on the Amazon link to buy it. As of this writing it was the only legit source to purchase the song (it’s that new). Enjoy!

Why Don’t You – EP – Gramophonedzie
Why Don't You - EP - Gramophonedzie