Chocolate Puma Feat. Colonel Red “Back Home”

Gaston Steenkist (“Dobre”) and René Horst (“DJ Zki”) AKA Chocolate Puma are a duo of House Music Producers From the Netherlands. Theses two have playfully used many names in the credits of their dance floor hits over their decades long career. These names include Mechanical Soul Saloon, F-action, Basco, DJ Manta, DJ Zki & Dobre, and a half dozen more. Thankfully the duo have seemed to have gravitated more toward Chocolate Puma, while at the same time have hit their creative stride. This year will be massive for these two so keep an ear out for their tracks at the clubs.

Their latest track is HOT of the presses which means that unfortunately you can’t buy it just yet, however you can listen to it here first. Yay! Let me know what you think!

For more information on the track release date click here.