Cee-Lo Green “F*#ck You!”

Cee-Lo green is the ultimate comeback kid in the music business. He started his career as a member of the Goodie Mob back in 1992 and the group garnered some chart success with the tracks “Cell Therapy”, and “Dirty South”. After a few albums with the Goodie Mob Cee-Lo left the band to pursue a solo career that fell very, very flat. Cee-Lo was released from his contract with Arista Records after two albums. That wasn’t the end to the story though because we all know Cee-Lo as a member of his last incarnation Gnarles Barkley. Gnarles Barkley is a collaboration between Cee-Lo Green and DJ Danger Mouse. The Duo is responsible for the monster 2006 hit “Crazy”.

In 2010 Cee-Lo will be releasing another solo album, but to give us all a hint at what is to come he recently released this little gem on his YouTube page. Be forewarned this is NSFW… Enjoy!

F**k You – F**k You – Deluxe Single
F**k You - F**k You - Deluxe Single