HOME No More!

Home Nightclub the popular St. Charles spot located in the Ameristar Casino has closed it doors for good after it closed for the night Saturday August 22. The closing came as a surprise and many were and are still in shock. Home Nightclub opened it’s doors back in December 2007 and it was popular right from the start with it’s celebrity appearances and music performances. A diverse group of musical artists including Tiesto, Benny Benassi, Pitbull, David Guetta, Common, Nelly, Lil’ Kim, and even Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D have played (and packed) the club.

Most recently HOME had unfortunately lost many of it’s earlier fans. They moved on to other venues leaving a sometimes less mannered crowd to follow them. Even with that being said, the staff at HOME was always consistently professional and courteous no matter what crowd was there. HOME will be missed on the SCENE and we wish every one that worked there good luck.

Update: Here is a quote from one of the employees taken from the HOME Nightclub Facebook Page:

“Nobody was shot. Nothing bad happened. The club has never lost money. Ameristar just decided the night club was not in their best interest. We are officially closed. To the best of my knowledge, they are going to continue to use the space for private parties and special events. Sucks that it is such short notice, but Ameristar offered to keep each of us employed somewhere else in the Casino.”