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TROMA NIGHT at The Way Out Club

Date(s) - August 23, 2012 - August 24, 2012
9:00 pm - 1:00 am

TROMA NIGHT“Just point me in the right direction, and I’ll blow their balls off!”

TROMA NIGHT at The Way Out Club is Back! After a 3-month hiatus, we’re bringing back our monthly double feature of crazed cinematic weirdness from the gang at Troma studios. The madness happens at The Way Out Club on Thursday August 23rd at 9pm. Admission is FREE! There will be trivia and prizes. Don’t miss this!

Here’s the lineup:

TROMA’S WAR was Troma Studio’s answer to the Rambo/Chuck Norris type of films that were doing so well all around 1988. It’s the story of a group of survivors from a horrible plane crash, stranded on a mysterious island. Unfortunately for them, the island is inhabited by a group of terrorists and communists and other assorted thugs who are prepping for a devastating attack on the United States. TROMA’S WAR was originally submitted to countless cuts, making it a rather senseless film, of which all the guts (literally and metaphorically), storyline and message were deleted. But we’ll be showing the UNCUT director’s cut of TROMA’S WAR Thursday August 23rd at The Way Out Club. This version features all the wall-to-wall oozing gore and slice ‘n’ dice violence as well as sexual and bathroom vulgarities you expect to see with the name ‘Troma’ attached to it. SEE an elderly man using his wooden arm to beat a terrorist to death…SEE a terrorist sneering, “Now let’s see if you’ve got guts!” while jabbing a combat knife into a victim’s belly. (“Not much, it seems,” he quickly adds, seeing the glob of guts on the end of his knife.)….SEE a heroic gay flight attendant and a punk band called “The Bearded Clams”

And for our second Troma feature on the 23rd:

Lesbian bikers + Flesh eating zombies + A bus-load of blind orphans = CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIE TOWN!

A dusty mining town, Zariah, whose population has dwindled thanks to a series of questionable deaths, is visited by a raucous female biker gang looking for “meat” and relaxation. The town’s mortician, a deranged scientist, who had just recently moved there, is reanimating the dead (by injecting a battery in their brains!)with help of his oft-mistreated dwarf assistant. Soon the chopper chicks find themselves endangered by not only the town’s citizenry, but an army of flesh-eating zombies..they’ll have to stop fighting amongst themselves in order to contend with their numerous developing challenges. CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIE TOWN features plenty of the gore and nudity associated with Troma and a very early performance by Billy Bob Thornton!

The fun starts at 9pm at The Way Out Club located 2525 Jefferson (at Gravois) on Thursday August 23rd. Admission is FREE!

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