Bottle Service Explained!

If you have been out to many nightclubs and lounges lately the you have been exposed to the bottle service phenomenon. The terms “bottle service”, “table service” or “booth reservations” all mean the same thing and I am here to tell you that for better or worse, (depending on your point of view) the service is here to stay (maybe). I am aware that there are some of you that are unfamiliar with what this service is so let me give you an adequate explanation. “Bottle service” is a “feature” of many clubs and lounges that enable patrons to buy their own bottle of liquor. This also includes glasses, the liquor on ice, and a variety of mixers. Typically cranberry juice, orange juice, Red Bull (or whatever you specify you’d like) and limes, lemons etc. (You can get a refill.) You also get a dedicated seating area with your own Server (or Host). He or she will serve up your first round of drinks and make sure you and your party are taken care of. Note that sometimes there is mandatory tip.

Now all this V.I.P. treatment will cost you, because there is usually a very high markup on the actual liquor. This means that the premium vodka you can by for $30 at a liquor store now is costing you up to ten times as much! In fact the bare minimum starting price on an off night is $100 a bottle, so ordering bottle service can get expensive fast! While the price is steep indeed, reserving bottle service has a number of advantages over just ordering drinks at the bar. Let me list a few:

1. No WAITING at the bar! I don’t really need to explain the advantage here but as you ALL know it can almost ruin a night to have the long breaks in the action.

2. You have a CENTRAL space where everyone in your party can regroup. This is a huge thing because how many times have you become separated from your friends or your group has split up and you do laps around the club/bar looking for each other! Ugggh! That is a great way to ruin a perfectly good night. Oh and guys if you want to make a good impression, what could be better than inviting that special lady to come chill with you at your table for a drink?

3. You and your party DO NOT have to wait in the long line to get in because bottle service guest are usually escorted in separately from everyone else. I have have to admit it is sweet indeed not to have to wait and worry IF you will get in.

To be fair there are some things about Bottle Service that can be a little bit of a hassle if things are not planned out in advance. For example, who’s credit card will be used for the reservation? How will the tab be divided at the end of the night? What if you are unsure that all your invited guests or friends will show up? If you don’t have a handle on any of those questions your big night at the table could be an even larger waste of money. One thing some people gripe about at the end of the night is the half empty bottle because you can’t take it with you (that is something to keep in mind if your group is small).

Now you might be wondering why did I qualify my earlier statement of bottle service being here to stay with a (maybe)? That’s because although clearly the service has it’s advantages, for some club/bar owners it’s a questionable practice. It just does not make sense for every establishment to try to offer this type of service because quite frankly some of them just don’t have the business to support it. It really makes a place seem dead when no one has reserved a table and all of those spaces are empty and roped off. If you don’t have the business to support it, why do it ? You run the risk of losing a potential regular customer who leaves your establishment after a couple of drinks because well, the place just SEEMED dead (we’re dealing with perceptions here folks).

If you and your group want a great night out then I highly recommend you reserve this service especially if it is for an event that you know will be packed. To reserve bottle service call ahead to the club and speak with a VIP host. Have fun and If you have a question or comment register and leave one below.