Best of 2009 – Part 3

This was the hardest blog post I know I will write about the top Dance Music tracks for 2009 because how could I not include Calvin Harris? Well… How could I include Calvin Harris? There is something about Calvin Harris that is just perplexing… He is one part uber geek, one part genius musician, and one part rock star (in the old school “F You ” in your face tradition). In addition, his HIGHLY anticipated 2009 album “Ready for the Weekend” is one that I play in it’s entirety almost daily. However his first video for the first single from “Ready for the Weekend”, ‘I’m not Alone” is just so bad that it almost completely put me off on the track (yes it’s that bad folks). “I’m Not Alone” as infectious as it might be and it is, is also just not the best track off the album in my opinion. That honor goes to “You Used to Hold Me” and even though the single is just being released now, it’s already been crowned a hit and I have personally heard David Guetta and Dave Aude include it in their live DJ sets.

So hear it is folks “You Used to Hold Me” by Calvin Harris,one of the Best of 2009.


Available on iTunes Calvin Harris - Ready for the Weekend (Bonus Track Version) - You Used to Hold Me